Passion Project and Tantric Yoga Retreat

November 13, 2015 @ 12:00am

Holistic Circus Therapy is delighted to be complementing the work of Michael Hewett and Sarva Yoga Academy at the Passion Project and Tantra Yoga Retreat in Bridgewater Corners Vermont November 13th-16th  

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Accessible circus activities will be taught as a tool to bridge the mindfulness and presence we acquire during our meditation practice into the movement and stimulus filled environments we encounter everyday. By combining breath-work techniques with juggling, and clowning with team-building, neural pathways will be created that enable us to experience increased space and time, as well as discover laughter and play as forms of intimate connection with others.



To support meditation practcies as applied to individual and group circus activities. 


To empower participants to integrate mindfullness and presence into their daily activities providing tools and experiences they can put into action when they return home. 

To create an opportunity for participants to embrace the healing power of play.



The Mindfulness of Juggling

Juggling is an excellent form of meditation that enables connections to occur between 

the more logical (left) and emotional (right) hemispheres of the brain. Coordination and 

bimanual hand use is strengthened through repetition and practice of specific motor skills.

In this all achievable juggling asana, participants will increase their physical and cognitive wellness by following simple breathing and upper limb movements.


Anatalya group juggle


The various juggling activities we will explore include ball juggling,

ring juggling, scarf juggling, partner and group passing patterns. 

Juggling instruction is made all accessible, pitched at the right level for each individual 

to enable a fun and successful experience for all. 

The use of HCT’s task grading teaching techniques will enable all participants to 

experience a  "Flow"  state throwing things in the air.



The Enlightenment of Silliness- Clowning and Physical Theater 

Lighten up yogis :) This workshop will take participants through a comedic mind body journey of games and activities that are achievable for everyone and

encourage various forms of verbal and nonverbal communication, 

reciprocation, problem solving, and planning behaviors. The activities 

involve dancing, jumping, crawling, balancing, and possibly

the most challenging of all… stillness. 



Moving our bodies makes us happier and smarter. It's really that simple.

Movement stimulates the vestibular system. The vestibular system influences our attentional systems because it regulates incoming sensory data. This interaction helps us keep our balance, turn thoughts into action and coordinate movements as well as fires 'feel good' endorphins throughout your brain. 


Why wait to smile after you exercise when you can infuse fun and laughs within?


Inspired by the renowned work of Augusto Boal and clown doctor Clare Bartholemew, this experience aims to 

promote an exploration and awareness of different emotional states of being, empathy, 

teamwork, and humor within an emotionally and physically safe environment.



Emotional Health

Interacting in appropriately pitched circus activities promotes turn-taking, leadership, communication, empathy, expression, trust, and dependability. Grading the tasks individually to have a combination of challenging and achievable components promotes feelings of motivation and satisfaction in engagement, as well as increased self-confidence and self-efficacy.


Physical Health

Circus skills are graded to match a person’s capacities. Whether you are working on 1 ball juggling or 3 club partner passing in a 3-high, this workshop will increase your body awareness, coordination, circulation, strength, tone, and flexibility.


Cognitive Function

Circus works the brain. The varied activities, equipment, and structured repetition, provide individuals with multiple activities that increase gross and fine motor control, executive functions, visual perceptual abilities, sequencing, sense of rhythm and timing, reactions, coordination, bi-manual hand use, and concentration.


Social Health

Circus assists in the formation of healthy peer interaction as well as provides opportunities for teamwork. There is a role for

everyone. By utilizing an occupational therapy approach, an important part of this program is focused on highlighting each

individual’s strengths. All participants are recognized and valued by the group. The ‘life skills’ learned emotionally, cognitively, and physically, all contribute to how individuals function socially as well as their ability to contribute positively to their communities

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