Civic Education Circus Collaboration

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Occupational Therapy and Circus: Potential Partners in enhancing the health and wellbeing of todays youth

Jill Maglio and Carol McKinstry

Faculty of Health Sciences, School of Occupational Therapy, La Trobe University, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

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Social Circus Guide

Community Workers Guide: When Circus Lessons Become Life Lessons. Cirque du Soleil Foundation

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Learning, Arts, and The Brain

The Dana Consortium Report on Arts and Cognition, Organized by Michael Gazzaniga, Ph.D

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The Mindful Therapist

The importance of Presence, Attunement, and Resonance in building relationships with clients

Dr. Dan Siegal

Circus in Schools Evaluation Tool

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Why Circus Works

The Carnival Chronicles - Why Circus Works (especially for children) - Hand analogy by Reg Bolton


The Fourth Pillar of Sustainability

by Jon Hawks

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Taking OT to Refugees- the Rewards and Challenges

Bronwyn Bidwell OT News UK

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