Volunteer with CircusAid in Greece 2020

December 18, 2019 @ 5:22am

Since 2015, CircusAid has worked in Greece and France engaging over 3000 Afghan, Syrian, Iraqi, Sudanese, Eritrean, and Ethiopian refugees in social circus programs. Participants have reported increased levels of happiness, motivation, better sleep and improved connections to their communities as result of

engagement in CircusAid programs.


We are here to let refugees know they matter, they are human and deserve to experience not just basic living needs but also the experience of play, joy and creative expression. We value their presence inclusive of their religion, background, socio economic status, personal journey and present unstable living condition.

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From the voices of CircusAid Volunteers:

"Working and learning with CircusAid this summer was absolutely life changing. From learning the contexts in which. Holistic Circus Therapy can be applied, to specific activities that work on a specific life skill, the hands on training made me feel hopeful and prepared to use circus as a tool in my future Occupational Therapy career."-Brianne Cody, 2018


"I wish CircusAid could be year round. If any friends are looking to do some humanitarian circus work, I highlysuggest circus aid. It's the only one of its kind combining occupational therapy and circus arts for refugees. So much planning and work goes into making this project happen."

-Dave Saunders, 2018


"CircusAid provides a space for children living in refugee camps to play, strengthen their bodies and develop their social and emotional skills and I am so grateful to have taken part in that journey. It has been an incredible experience to see the children work together and support each other through the process of learning a new skill or trick. The children always showed up excited to learn and play and CircusAid curriculum helped facilitate that." -Scarlet Breakspear-Knott, Seattle 2018


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