CIRCUS for Social Change: Addressing Occupational Deprivation among refugee populations

January 3, 2016 @ 7:44am

A call out to Holistic Circus Therapists, social circus facilitators, and circus enthusiasts interested in workshop facilitation. The Island of Lesvos can really use your skills, energy, and playful spirits. Please contact if you are interested in doing some circus facilitation humanitarian aid work this coming spring. HCT will be returning to Greece with a group of facilitators from April 25th - May 1st. Training will be made available for those with limited or no prior experience. Occupational deprivation is a current problem. The adults and the kids need something to do aside from thinking and waiting. Anyone who has ever experienced any kind major life stress knows how maddening getting lost in your thoughts can be. Holistic Circus Therapy along with the help of volunteers the Moria production team, and refugees has constructed and donated hula hoops, juggling balls and feather balancing feathers to bring people activity in which to engage in. The response has been very positive. There has been much laughter, silliness, smiling and playing. HCT is collaborating with Maja Hedvall and Aron Heinemann architecture students from Stockholm Sweden, to create a 'Funtainer' based on the creation of the Mobile Mini Circus in Afghanistan. 


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