Level 2: Professional Training in Circus and Evidence-Based Practices


Level 2 Professional Training builds on the qualifications and learning objectives addressed in Level 1 Recreational Training. Level 2 provides comprehensive tuition in the evidence based practices used within health sciences and special education. The training provides a plethora of adaptable circus based models that are specifically tailored to organizational needs and focus areas. Upon successful completion of the Level 2 training, organizations and participants will become certified Holistic Circus Therapy Professional Providers.

This training is open to anyone to attend, however it only certifies people and organizations already working in health and educational professions or studying to do so.



1. Completion of Level 1 training

2. The organization is a current practicing and licensed health and/or educational entity.

3. All participants hold a valid license or registration with an already established professional therapeutic or educational governing body.


Upon completion of the training facilitators will be qualified to:

● 1. Develop circus based curriculum in conjunction with other theoretical and practice models used within the organization.

● 2. Provide 1:1 and small group adapted circus programing in conjunction with evidence based therapeutic interventions.

● 3. Deliver goal directed circus therapy sessions that address specific self care, leisure, and productivity focus areas.

● 4. Use circus with special education, rehabilitation. neuroscience, autism spectrum, and mental health populations.

● 5. Provide service delivery that is accessible and safe.

● 6. Evaluate program success in terms of improvements and progress made in relation to goal acquisition and changes in functional capacity.



Three day training 9am-4pm.

18 hours of training ideally delivered in 3 consecutive days.

Modifications are available.


DAY 1 and 2.

Morning: Building Circus Skill Confidence and Competence

Afternoon: Comprehensive theoretical and practical models

The first 2 days of the level 2 training is a balance of intensive physical and cerebral training. We will take the information learned in level 1 and go deeper within the content area to enable participants to hone the circus and facilitation skills needed for effective intervention. These 2 days will result in a deeper understanding of how to deliver sessions in complement to the specific theoretical and practice models used within the organization. Increasing the participant’s ability to apply circus and practice model knowledge to real life situations is the focus of these 2 days


DAY 3. Program Planning, Delivery, and Evaluation

The last day of this 3 day journey will provide the organization with all the needed tools to begin

running their own Holistic Circus Therapy programs. We will create a 10week curriculum, discuss program adaptations, delivery, and evaluation. The participants will immediately be able to integrate their knowledge in a real life workshop with community members.

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