(HCT) is a registered and accredited private practice that combines Occupational Therapy with circus arts to address the unique health and well-being needs of individuals and communities. HCT partners with educational institutions, community centers, and disability service providers to enable people with varying abilities the opportunity to access and benefit from circus and performing arts programs.


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Teaching in East Asia - Circus Development
Teaching in East Asia - Circus Development

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Lombok 2020

HCT will return to Lombok to train social service providers in Circus as and Educational and Therapeutic Tool

Happy Clients

  • "Holistic Circus Therapy activities are usefulness in facilitating joint attention, enhancing coordination and the self worth that arises from engagement in meaningful occupations."

    Charles E. Gallagher

    DOT, MA, OTR/L

  • "Jill's hoop class was one of my daughter's favorite experiences. She had a great time and the chance to learn new things. All it takes is the right teacher"

    Julia Carson

    parent of participating student at the AYCO regional festival 2012

  • "Are you going to take me now? Are you going to take me now? Please take me now."

    kindergarten student- Lexington Academy, NY, NY

    School based OT client Sept.2012-June 2013

  • "I never realized how many circus facilitators are natural occupational therapists. This has given me so many ideas about how Ot's can work with this amazing resource."

    Jen Gash

    Creative OT's United Kingdom

  • "You help me understand that I have things to offer, that I have the ability to make connections, and I dont have to be so afraid of physical contact with others"

    HCT workshop participant

  • "Thank you so much for hosting the workshop and for putting such beautiful ideas out in the world. I haven't felt so inspired in a very long time and I want to do so much good."

    Maryann Stevens

    Training Participant

  • It's a pleasure to see people so highly skilled and talented in not only their circus passions and knowledge of learning differences, but also equally as passionate in sharing that with others."

    Pete Duncan

    Circus Eruption and Dynamix Wales, UK

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